Monday, December 12, 2005

Cosmic Comic

what's it like on the other side Bill?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tough Times to raise a Family in

Fell Asleep While Watching T.V.

In the Garden of Venus

Confrontational Debutante

Wrong Place, Wrong Time but at Least You Knew C.P.R.

Coco's day Dream

Techno Dunce

the Son of Vezebel

Atomic Nightmare

I hope this vacation never ends

the Center of Man

a Cure for Hope

Chernobyl Sun Set

For the Birds

She wanted off the horse

on Holiday, we met the most interesting couple

The War is on your mind, Your body is the prize

Another One of Truman's Games


Atomic Family .1

Atomic Family .2

Bird House

Bob and Doris Lobster visit the Alamo

Dream Ball


He May Never Call

Hollywood Hemlock

In the Temple of the Virgin

Industrial Tango

Micky Mantra

Nature Boy

Pool side Mammoth